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Dentures & PartialsDallas, TX

Are you missing multiple permanent teeth? Do you have an old denture that requires replacement? We offer partial and complete dentures for patients with missing teeth at Lochwood Family Dental in Dallas, TX. Dentures are restorative dental treatments that restore the appearance and function of rows and arches of missing teeth.

Dentures and Partials in Dallas, TX

Dentures and Partial Dentures in Dallas, TX

A complete denture restores full tooth arches, and partial dentures restore rows of missing teeth in different areas of the mouth. If you want a traditional removable denture, we will take dental impressions to send to a dental lab, where technicians create dentures out of porcelain and metal materials. Once the dentures are complete, we will ensure that it fits properly.

Traditional dentures are removable and use adhesive to stay in place. While traditional dentures improve the smile’s aesthetics, they are often not enough to restore the full function of the smile.

Dental implants are a great alternative that we offer to support dentures. Implants use titanium anchors that an oral surgeon places in the jaw bone. Multiple dental implants can restore a full arch of teeth and hold a denture comfortably in place. Unlike traditional dentures, implants will not slip around your mouth because they anchor dentures in place.

Dental implants also do not require restrictions against hard or crunchy foods. You can eat more foods when you receive an implant-secured denture than with removable dentures.

Restore Your Full Smile

If you need replacement dentures, are interested in implant dentures, or need dentures for the first time, schedule a dental appointment with us online. You can also call our Dallas office to make an appointment at 214-544-9633.

Please contact us if you have questions about dentures or other restorations. We’re here to help you find the right restoration for your missing teeth.