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Do You Really Need a Dental Cleaning Twice a Year?

For most people, going to the dentist isn’t a fun or enjoyable experience. But it is a crucial one to help maintain your oral health. Getting a dental cleaning in Dallas, TX, at least twice a year is one of the best ways to help prevent decay and damage. A professional cleaning can help remove stubborn plaque and tartar that could lead to dental complications. Routine hygiene visits can also help catch the early warning signs of a problem for quick and effective treatment. If you aren’t seeing the dentist regularly, then you could be at a higher risk of developing dental conditions.

Getting a dental cleaning in Dallas, TX, at least twice a year is one of the best ways to help prevent decay and damage.

The Benefits of a Dental Cleaning in Dallas, TX

While brushing and flossing properly can remove most plaque in your mouth, it’s nearly impossible to remove all harmful bacteria. Over time, plaque buildup can lead to increased levels of acidity, which could cause decay. A professional cleaning can remove plaque buildup to help keep your teeth healthy. 

Routine dental cleanings also provide valuable insights into how you can improve your at-home oral hygiene. Your dentist will track your oral health between visits and can often note areas where you struggle to remove plaque. They can then provide you with cleaning techniques or recommend additional hygiene tools that could help improve your brushing and flossing. 

Dental Exams

While you’re at your cleaning appointment, your dentist will also likely examine your teeth and gums for any signs of concern. Catching dental conditions early on is often crucial for providing the best treatment. If you have gum disease, for example, you could treat it with a simple antibacterial mouthwash at the early stages. But if it develops, you may need more invasive treatment. Seeing a dentist every six months can often help identify small problems before they turn into bigger issues. 

Additional Cleanings

In some cases, two cleanings a year may not be enough to help maintain your oral health. Some patients need three or even four cleanings to keep their teeth and gums clean. There are several factors that could cause you to need additional cleaning. Medical and dental conditions are among the top. If you have a dry mouth, for example, the lack of saliva could lead to an increase in plaque buildup. In this case, your dentist may recommend a cleaning every four months. If you have had gum disease in the past, however, your dentist may recommend a three-month cleaning schedule to help prevent further disease.

Getting a professional dental cleaning can often help prevent the need for costly treatments. At Lochwood Family Dentistry, we believe that prevention is key, and we work hard to help our patients get the proper hygiene appointments they need. Call us today at 214-544-9633 to schedule your first cleaning and start improving your oral health.